Can a Tattoo be Removed?

There are several factors that must be considered for the successful removal of a tattoo:

  1. Ink injected evenly on the same level of skin or many levels of skin? Chances are better if the ink was injected on the same level.
  2. Size and location of the tattoo.
  3. The age of the tattoo (how long ago was it done?) Newer ones are harder to take off.
  4. How well the person will heal from the removal procedure.
Total and complete removal is never guaranteed. The pain from getting a tattoo is far less than the pain of getting it removed. The standard today for tattoo removal is with laser surgery. It is easier to remove certain colors than others, for example yellow and blue are the hardest to remove.

The technique used with this laser technology is called Q switching. There are three lasers that use this technique; the Q-switched Ruby, the Q-switched Alexandrite, the Q-switched Nd (YAG).

It usually takes more than one session to remove the tattoo. A side effect of this procedure is hyper- pigmentation and hypo-pigmentation. Hyper-pigmentation is where the skin color is darker than normal and hypo-pigmentation is where the skin color is lighter than normal.

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