Meaning of Cross Tattoo

Cross TattooThe deep symbolic meaning of cross tattoos have stretched to include a wide range of personal creations that may or may not depict religious importance. As one of the most flexible of tattoo designs, the cross is often integrated with several other additions that use hearts, flowers, animals, names, and faces that augment the overall meaning, Crosses are usually proffered as the design for many first-timers, which often follows the loss of a loved one.

Many younger persons who are in the Christianity select to convey their faith by having a tattoo that is related to their belief system. Up to this time, there are a wide variation of Christian cross tattoos in the market. In fact, there is a significant increase on the number of people who patronize the tattoo designs. Here are a some examples of tattoos having crosses that may be of interest.

First, there are tattoos that convey a Roman Catholic crucifix, a basic Protestant cross, and an Orthodox cross. Each design has its own specific appeal, and help to signal an indication of the basic theology held by the wearer of the tattoo. These basic designs are widely sold in just about any tattoo shop. However, the designs are such that any talented tattoo artist can replicate (easily) them from a picture of graphic of any of the three.

Another classification of cross tattoos would be those special ones that are related to a specific denominational logo. Church denominations such as the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ all integrate the utilization of a cross in the logo design that is used in their publications and around their churches. In most cases, both temporary tattoos that are used in youth camps as well as permanent types can be bought and displayed proudly.

A third example of tattoos that uses the cross would be special designs that are indicative of a specific organization. For instance, a motorcycle club that was formed among a group of Christian adherents might choose to integrate a cross in the tattoo design that all members choose to get. In same manner, faith based groups of cowboys or stock car racers might also choose to design a tattoo that has the symbol of the cross. The same is true for any type of group that comes together and chooses to integrate religion as part of their corporate identity.


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